European River Cruises

Use this page to learn about European River Cruises—then call us your certified Europe river cruise experts (we have been on 17 river cruises and have led several group cruises)-- to find the right cruise line and trip for you, at 713-397-0188 (Hank) or 832-244-0215 (Anne) so we can help you plan your next Europe River Cruise vacation —Your journey begins here! 

To help you learn more about Europe River Cruising, there is an excellent Overview section, which explains Europe River Cruising and our Europe River Cruise Comparisons PDF PowerPoint. To learn about the cruise routes available, please visit our route guide or one of the route pages (Rhine, Danube or French River Cruises).


Europe River Cruises

This PowerPoint PDF presentation is a great overview of Europe River Cruising & the River Cruise Vibes is a Good Summary of 8 River Cruise Lines


Europe River Cruises

Click Here to View PDF PowerPoint of a Complete Overview of Europe River Cruising including Companies & Routes


2018-19 Company Comparisons

(includes 17 Comparison Charts)

The PowerPoint PDF presentation European River Cruise Company Comparisons 2018-19 is a very comprehensive summary of the 8 major European River Cruise Companies and should be very helpful to help you make informed decisions about the advantages and disadvantages of these river cruise lines.

2018-19 European River Cruise Company Comparisons

Please Click Here for PDF PowerPoint to learn How Cruise Companies Compare (includes 17 Comparison Charts)