Europe Castles

Cool Castles--My 15 Favorite in Europe!

Cool Castles--My 15 Favorite in Europe!

I have always been fascinated with the castles of Europe.  Anne will tell you, we have gone to some unusual lengths to see some, as often they are in the more remote parts of Europe.

So, I thought you might enjoy hearing my thoughts and seeing 47 pictures about what I consider my 15 favorite castles of Europe.

Don’t expect any real rationale for my selections—I have organized them by regions of Europe; there is not one favorite castle over another; and my only rationale is that I liked them—something was cool in my mind.

So, let me defend my thoughts—I’ll tell you a little about them, maybe some history, but the real criteria is why they appeal to me.

Ready for my personal castle tour?—Let’s go!